Pat Benatar isn’t the only female rockstar, but in the 80’s she definitely made it feel that way. She had tons of hit songs and was even a large influence to us. We wanted to know, did she write them? and how much credit can actually be given to her as an artist? See what we think…

2 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 6 – Pat Benatar

  1. Scotf

    Read more about Pat not just Behind the Music she wrote and co wrote a TON of her songs (no not the big hits) read her autobiography their struggle was always having to pop out hit songs … she created her sound and basically re wrote many of her hits also did all vocal arrangements

    1. Scott Gossett

      Hey man! Glad you commented. We think she’s immensely talented, it just seems there are a lot of smoke and mirrors in the industry. It’s hard to get the facts straight with lots of conflicting information. We’ll definitely check into more info on what you’ve stated!

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