Ever wondered what it would be like start a band?

The point of this vlog is to document our experience creating this band and all that goes into it. You will see our process from song writing, to band practice, to refining our sound, selecting our gear, recording and mixing our demos, and booking and playing shows.

Musicians and music lovers, we hope you’ll check this out and follow us on this ride.

Guitar Center Ampapalooza Ep.2

Heading to guitar center to try some new amps for the band. We’ve been working on really honing in on the right tone for us. While we went home with a great amp, we ended up making some changes afterwards. Next video will follow up our current setup and what we’ve learned.

Foot in my mouth Ep.3

Scott talks about shaping his guitar tone. Specifically, choosing the right guitar amp for our sound. Each band’s sound is unique to them. Check out how Scott has been working on getting just the right tone for us.

The Craft Ep.4

We go over how we make our songs. This is a brief overview of our songwriting process before we get much further into the creation of specific original songs!

Oh… and there are lots of dogs. Check it out.

Recording “Red & Blue” Demo ep.5

We are Mëttle and you are watching our band’s music vlog. Here’s a bit of the recording process for our song “Red & Blue”. All of our demo recording is done in our home. Its a fun and interesting process.

Pre-show prep Ep.6

We are Mëttle and this episode is about how we get prepped before a gig. There is also some fitness advice thrown into the mix…